Bottom of the Hill- CA TOUR

Well it is that time again to look into the deep dark corners of my calendar and report back on all that has happend since I last blogged about it.  As it turns out a lot has happend! but I will spare you the details and get down to the brass tacks.

Minor Kingdom has been in full effect on the West Side and we are super excited about some things coming up.   Our current report includes 3 major events.

#1 We had an awesome time playing the Bottom of the Hill last week.  Thanks to all you beautiful people for coming out.

#2 We have an ongoing residence at Momi Toby’s Art Bar every other Thursday.  Featuring a special guest performer each week. Come on down to Hayes Valley, SF

#3 Walker Fields (a fellow dust-bowl crooner from the north)  will be coming out to CA for a special solo acoustic tour with Kristian in November.  We are pumped.  Just two dudes, two guitars, 1 tent, 1 love

Check the calendar page for details!

Until next time.  XO MK

Bottom of the Hill -10/11/11

Benefit Album for Vic Chesnutt

Extremely proud to have contributed a cover for this project.  I got to collaborate with one of my favorite mpls groups- Tarlton and we got to work with some of the most talented people in the midwest throughout the recording and production.  Everyone involved donated their time and talent and the final project is really amazing.  All the proceeds are going to be donated.  Look for it this October!

One of my favorites-


A Start

This marks the first entry for my brand new one-stop website, sure to stimulate all of your Minor Kingdom needs.    Where to begin… 

We released our second record last May and I cannot even begin to find all the right words and express the gratitude and love I felt as I was leaving Minneapolis. It was hands down the best show we played and it was in direct response to our beautiful audience.  I want to thank everyone who came out to say goodbye and celebrate Minor Kingdom’s midwest chapter.  I never dreamed of playing with a band so talented while being blessed with such a close and supportive circle of family and friends.  Don’t worry babies. Its not goodbye its more like see ya later. We will meet again.

I have been residing in San Francisco for three months now and it has opened up so many doors in just a short couple of months.  The electricity that runs through the dirty cracks and painted murals affects you every time you leave your apt.  This city possesses a certain kind of magic that only happens to you when your least expecting it.  One day you might get 3 parking tickets but the next day you find a 100$ bill.  Or another day someone might steal your bike BUT THEN you end up meeting your best friend on craigslist because he is selling you your new bike.  These are all hypotheticals but my point is that everyone is truly surviving in this city together.  Some are surviving much easier than others but all of your neighbors are willing to help you when your down and out.   For that reason, it felt like home immediately. 

In other news Minor Kingdom is beginning it’s new chapter beneath the magical haze of the great pacific.  I have a solo West coast tour planned this Fall with my dear friend and label-mate Brad Senne.  I also have some exciting new shows and recordings to unveil in the next few weeks.    Stay tuned!   You can expect new songs, live videos, riveting news, and polite narratives of all my mild aventures.  

Yours truly,  Kristian